I LOVE ASU – 30 Days of ASU Campaign

Alabama State University has announced the launch of its 2015 “I Love ASU” 30-day giving campaign.

“The theme of the campaign is quite appropriate, because we are asking supporters to show their love for the University by giving,” said President Gwendolyn E. Boyd.

Last year, the community showed its support in a big way by donating more than $150,000 during the inaugural ‘30 Days of ASU’ giving initiative. Last year’s campaign asked donors to make a gift of $100 to support ASU. For this year’s campaign, donors are being asked to contribute a gift to the University of $1,000, which is to be placed in an account to be used exclusively to restore the University’s reserves. The University is calling on individuals, groups, NAA chapters and anyone who loves ASU to make a generous contribution during this campaign.

ASU officials said this campaign comes at a critical juncture.

“At our Feb. 5 Board of Trustees meeting, there was a lot of discussion about our need to address concerns about the University’s reserves,” said Board Chairman Locy Baker. “The 30 Days of Giving 2015 Campaign is an ideal way to raise reserve funds quickly.”

Zillah M. Fluker, vice president of Institutional Advancement, said giving to the campaign is a way to maintain built-in resources for the short term and the long term.

“Even though we receive state-appropriated funds and we appreciate the generous support of our donors, we also have to have reserves in place to make sure we can take advantage of opportunities as they come and to demonstrate the University’s financial stability,” Fluker said.

The campaign runs February 14 to April 30, when the initiative will culminate in a “Sting-a-thon,” featuring live performances, a live audience, real-time interviews with alumni and supporters, a phone bank and a social media café.

“The 2014 Sting-a-Thon was an unqualified success, not only because of the amount of money raised on that day, but also because we were able to showcase local talent in a free, outdoor concert and engage the Hornet Nation around the world via Livestream,” Boyd said. “I can tell you that this year’s Sting-a-Thon will be even bigger and better.”

How to Give to the Campaign

Giving to the 30 Days of Giving 2015 Campaign is easy.

ONLINE: Use our convenient online donation form to make your gift online, and be sure to select “30 Days of ASU” in the category dropdown.

BY MAIL: Please make checks payable to Alabama State University, and write the Project ID “ROR 528119″ in the memo line.

Mail to:

Alabama State University
I Love ASU: 30 Days of Giving 2015
P.O. Box 271
, Montgomery, AL 36101-0271

BY PHONE: Call ASU’s Office of Development at 334-229-4431.

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