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The Audit Committee shall be responsible for auditing the records of the Treasurer and Financial Secretary at least twice before the end of the calendar year. Members of Jefferson/Shelby County Metro Chapter may request an internal audit. The members may also hire a professional auditing agency.

The By-Laws and Conflict Resolution Committee shall study all proposed By-Laws, Amendments, and Resolutions received from members, Standing Committees and the Executive Committee. All amendments and resolutions to be presented to the Jefferson/Shelby County Metro Chapter shall be presented in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to a regular meeting at which voting will take place.

The Membership Committee shall foster ways and means to increase the membership of the Jefferson/Shelby County Metro Chapter. Represent the interest of the members at the Executive Committee and prepare a membership roster of financial members. Assist in collecting membership dues which are turned over to the Financial Secretary or Treasurer.

The Election Committee

The Nominating Committee

The Community Outreach and Public Engagement Committee (COPE)

This committee will develop fundraising and engagement opportunities that will enhance our visibility within the community, raise revenue for the Jefferson/Shelby County Metro Chapter, and to support charitable endeavors and/or organizations.

Student Relations Sub Committee is a sub committee whose primary responsibility is to engage and assist K 12 and college students with; but not limited to: attending select ASU athletic events, ACT/SAT test preparation, FAFSA applications, recruitment/retention, scholarship opportunities, and other related responsibilities that the University deems appropriate.


Which committee would you like to join?


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